An annoying difference between iPhone and iPad airplane mode

I'm on a train right now, heading for home. Data coverage can be spotty
(particularly in bad weather I seem to notice, though that might be just
anecdotal) and I'm often flicking into airplane mode to force the iPad to
reconnect. During a long pause loading a web page it still -claims- it has
a data connection, but usually doesn't.

The iPhone does the same thing, with a different phone network. Again,
flicking to airplane mode and back to force the connection sorts things
out. However, there's a difference: on the iPhone, the Mobile Carrier field
greys out but stays there until the phone has truly lost connection. At
that point, I know it's ok to come out of airplane mode and that the phone
will search for a fresh connection when I do so.

With the iPad however, not so. Flicking to airplane mode immediately
removes the Mobile Carrier, but it really still has the connection. If you
come out of airplane mode, it just reuses the connection it w using before
instead of long for a new one. And this sucks, because of course that
connection is still dead and lying to you about whether it really has a
data connection or not.

Bah humbug, that's what I say. I do wonder why it's inconsistent - seems to
be an odd thing to not have shared common code for.


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