iPad text editor (was Re: JB for 5.1.1 out.)

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Absinthe 2.0 untethered JB for 5.1.1 is now out. I know what I'll be
doing this afternoon.

I thought 'cool, will have to try that on the iPad'. Then it occured to
me I don't think I have any reason to have it on the iPad at the moment.

The iPhone though, I guess there is still a need for SBSettings.

Yup - my thoughts exactly. However, I really like this:


you can move the cursor around (and select text) using the keyboard

Ooh, that's worth having!

Works well on the iPad, as shown in the video. I don't remember seeing it,
but if you have the cursor where you want it, you can select the text
immediately to the left or right just by hitting a shift key and sliding
from there (i.e. a single-finger move)** A couple of caveats... You can't
move vertically - only able to move rows by wrapping around them. If you do
the text-selection thing, it doesn't automatically give you the
cut/copy/paste option - you have to tap one of the blue handles for it to

(** this means you can not do the single-finger shift/hold/slide or
.?123/hold/slide thing to select caps or hidden keys. I'm used to typing an
exclamation mark or question mark by sliding from shift to it, and the same
using .?123 to get a dash or '&' sign , etc. Not any more. Possibly this'll
be addressed in the future)

Having said all that, it does what it does very well. And it's free.

Finally got round to trying it (been away at a convention) and it works
very well. Quite impressed with that and the new jailbreak. I think it
may have actually been an advantage to have a 2 day delay, as the tool
is at 2.0.2 and there were no problems with it or the servers.

Jailbroke the phone (took half an hour) and the iPad (took 10 minutes),
put that on the iPad, and sbsettings on the phone.

Seems there's a new App Store app which works the same way(ish). 'Tyype' -
App store link <http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tyype-hd/id527863008?mt=8>

'Gotchas' ... only works within the app itself (a basic text edit app), a
two-finger swipe does what a three-finger swipe does, and a shift+one-finger
swipe does what a two-finger swipe is /supposed/ to do. Landscape only at the
moment, and the text resize gesture is pants. Looks like several updates in
the pipeline.

(** Actually, those gesture oddities are probably because I have
SwipeSelection installed as well.)

Although it all this works only within the app, a two-finger double-tap will
'select all' and there are cut/copy/paste buttons, as well as a
word/character counter. A recent tweet says they have an iPhone version
coming soon. Nice little app overall.

Cheers ... Mark