Re: Taking of installing stuff in different OS's ..

On Wed, 01 Sep 2010 16:37:28 +0100, chris <ithinkiam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well you head is wired 'Mac' then.

I don't think so. I can interchange between Mac and Linux quite easily.

Of course you can. If you are used to something illogical you can also
deal with something logical. ;-)

When I used to use Windows I didn't struggle there either.

Of course you didn't 1) See above and 2) Things like installing apps
are nearly hands off.

What's so difficult?

Where did I say it was difficult?

You certainly made it sound difficult.

Yes, I found it difficult compared_with_other_solutions but it wasn't
'difficult'. ;-)

All Mac apps either run an
installer or require you to drag and drop the program into the
'Applications' folder. This one's no different.

Other than some give you an image of the applications folder with the
installer you you (I) don't have to go and find it.

When you're in the Finder you don't have to go and find it either.

When you are in ..

Right, well I didn't want 'just' the application I wanted all the
files because unlike you I don't know what files are important or not.

Nor do I, really. But I do know that on a Mac you tend to just drag an
application icon to 'Applications' and OS X does the rest for you.

Yes, and I could have done that 'easier' (I would have opened up the
hard drive then got the open .dmg in focus than either dragged and
dropped or more typically for me, copied and pasted (more typical for
me because I generally have stuff full screen so can't have both
things in view at the same time).

And what's this extra stuff that OSX does for you? Does it put the app
in a menu? Does it put a shortcut on the desktop or on the Dock?

there are README or help files, but I usually ignore them with no

But I often need such things (or might even if I never read them so
take the lot as they are small).

Secondly, I didn't want the app just on the root of the apps folder
because when I was downloading the app I noticed other 'addons' and
options and didn't want them splattered all over the apps folder.

That's where I differ. I'm happy to let the OS do the hard work for me
and look after when files should and shouldn't go.

Eh, that's *exactly* what Windows does with one click AND give you
access to them via a desktop shortcut or menu item? How does OSX get
anywhere near any of that?

I almost never go in
the Applications folder. If I need an app, I use spotlight.

So you are 'searching' for the app you just installed (if that's what
'Spotlight' is)?

The addons
can go where they like, I don't mind.

I do, I want them in / with the main app.

To have the app in the Dock just run it and then select the 'Keep in
Dock' option when you right-click on the running Dock icon.

I know, but that's not as easy as 'just installing it' and having a
menu item appear automatically. I don't care if that's not what you
want (or not what I want), but that it's 'easy'.

That's not the case with Ubuntu, though is it? You had to create your
own menu entry. Like you, I'm confortable doing that, but it's not easy.

No, it didn't do it automatically (as with Windows) but at least the
menu system is there (built in) and this Ubuntu noob found it 'very
easy' to add the new item exactly where I wanted it). I understand I
could have a menu (Launcher) system like that under OSX but I would
first have to install it and no noob is ever going to do that, that's
for sure.

I know from Linux fora that that is one of the most common problems
following the insallation of an app is 'Where do I find what I just

Ah, yes, and from me to, and hence why I generally use Synaptic
Package Manger and ensure the thing I'm installing is GUI based. I
have also had the instance where it needs a reboot to appear in the
menu etc but I've never said it was perfect. ;-)

When you're done you can eject the mounted .dmg file.

Or not have to on Windows.

No, but then things seem to 'just work' on the Mac. Often in Windows
once installed things don't always work as expected.

Ah, but that's a different thread. I was just offering here /my/
experience installing the same app on 3 different OS's.

I have spent much much longer playing about in OSX than I have under
Ubuntu yet OSX still feels awkward to me. During this exercise I spent
much more time clicking about looking for options than I did on Ubuntu
and Windows pretty well did itself. However, it seems like I 'suit'
the Gnome desktop, KDE is as frustrating to me as OSX.

You could always install Ubuntu on your Mac and be done with it ;)

Unfortunately I can't but not for the lack of hardware support or
difficulty with the GUI buy currently because there is no Linux app
for my Garmin GPS(s) and no replacement for Agent (Pan get's close but
not close enough).

Like this Sweet House app you mean that I was able to install far more
comfortably and logically than I did under OSX (that I have spent
years not months on). I'm not saying it's always the case but for most
of the things I have installed it has been so far.

For me on OS X it is *always* the case. On linux, I can't remember the
number of times I've given up trying to install stuff, because it
wouldn't compile or has a missing dependency or the dependency is the
wrong version, etc. And I've used Linux daily since ~2004.

I'm not sure if you generally do it via Synaptic or from the terminal
or what 'Linux' you are talking about but that's not been my noob
experience with Ubuntu at all. In fact, I go into Synaptic, tick what
I want and seconds later it's ready to use (from the Menu). ;-)

You don't create new a folder, just copy it into the Applications folder.

And for the addons? I did what I did (and asked what I asked) for a
reason. I'm not saying that's the only or right way of doing it, just
I did it for a logical reason. ;-)

Perhaps, you're over-thinking the problem?

Entirely possible.

I know in linux file paths
are very important and if you get it wrong things just won't work.

I don't know what you are even talking about and I've managed so far.
;-) (well, I know what file paths are from my Dos days but I've never
got involved in then with Ubuntu). And talking of that ... I am
talking about Ubuntu here, not 'Linux' in general.

my experience on the Mac you don't need to worry as much. The OS takes
care of many things for you.

Or not. ;-)

Ah, ok, I didn't notice it then, thanks. But if I wanted to create my
folder first, could I right click on Applications at that level and
choose 'New Folder' and then be able to open it from there and still
do my drag etc ?

Why not try it and see? If it doesn't work, is it such a hardship to
have two Finder windows open at the same time?

No, indeed, the 'hardship' is rebooting into OSX, remembering what I'm
supposed to be trying and booting back into XP again.
If I could run OSX on an old PC like I can XP or Ubuntu I might have a
box online all the time. ;-) [1]

As I said above, as usual with OSX I /managed/ I got it installed, I
put it where I wanted, I could have put it in the doc but I didn't
find any of the process as 'automatic' as with Windows (and it wasn't,
no mater what anyone else says) nor as 'logical' as under Ubuntu
(fact, for me).

Cheers, T i m

[1] Whilst I like the low energy and small size of this Mini it's not
really up to even the most simple (FPS) games and is very awkward to
upgrade / fix (should it go wrong etc).I also wand a DVDRW so I think
it's time to build a straight replacement PC. Then I can leave the
Mini for OSX and then I could play with it more often.

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