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I don't use iPlayer either.

As the technology is there to provide on demand services with satelite
and cable, I don't know why they don't go for a subscription service.
They would get more money, if the people who believe that the bbc is
essential are correct.

Agreed - I watch precisely two BBC programmes: Doctor Who and Formula
1. That's it. Add in my kids and we get two more, Tracy Beaker and
Horrible Histories (which is -superb-, by the way). A subscription to
those four programmes would cost less than the license fee.

Oh no it wouldn't, because if it had to be paid for my subscription on a
piecemeal basis like that, efficiency would be so low as to make it
impossible to provide the high quality BBC programmes you enjoy.

On top of that, the licence fee is peanuts - why do you carp?

It isn't peanuts though. it is more expensive than other things I pay
for. And it is of very little benifit to me.

It's £2.80 a week. How much do you think you spend on your electricity
and gas bills, for example? Or your petrol bill?

way more than that, but those things are of use to me and I choose to
pay them.

It's peanuts, you Murdoch-brainwashed muggins.

Just because some media guy wants to do something that is the same as
me, doesn't mean the two are related you know?

If the licence fee goes, then you'll be sorry - the quality of telly
programming will go right down the tubes.

Oh no, what will we do without high quality television, such as
eastenders, dancing on ice, glee, sport, DIY SOS etc.

Well, I can live without it.

Yes the BBC broadcasts some crap, because people like to watch it.

After all, it has to compete with Sky and other purveyors of low-grade
brain-numbing entertainment for the masses.

It also broadcasts some very good stuff, the like of which is not made
by anyone else.

Maybe there is a reason the like of which is not made by anyone else.

Clearly this stuff is very good for you, but not for me. Although not
good enough for you to have a telly, so I guess you are not speaking
from experience here.

Of course we can live without it - but the world will be a lesser place,
and there will be almost nothing on the telly worth watching, reliable
news will be hard to come by, and so on.

btw, if you ignore Radio 4, you're ignoring the most interesting
broadcast *anything* on the planet.

I have listened to it and wasn't that impressed.

The BBC is a force for good around the whole world, and it's a very
efficient organisation which provides better value for money than almost
any other way of providing telly and radio programming.

Not to me it doesn't. And force for good? I have never seen the bbc out
of the UK. I lived in the states for a year and a half without any sign
of the bbc (and the telly was fine).

Telly in the USA when I've been there was unwatchable due to the
incessant advertising. And I never saw any worthwhile programmes, aside
from repeats of Star Trek and similar classics.

But you have in your own admission been there once for a short period of
time and hated everything about it, its people and everything it stood
for. Of course you would hate its telly.

Whether you consider something from america worthwhile is hardly

I lived there for a year and a half. their telly is fine.

Now go to Africa and the Middle East and ask the locals what news
sources they trust.

I have been to africa. Have you?

Go on, give it a go.

Well, they only had power for a third of the time.

I would imagine in the middle east the bbc is about the last news source
that they would trust, but i have never been there so I don't know.

Why am I bothering? I've never convinced you of anything, and it's
plain that you've been sucking on the Murdoch tit for so long that
you've utterly brainwashed by his anti-BBC propaganda.

Or maybe I am not quite as rabid anti any not-made-here programming. One
of these could be true.

The real outrage is that this foreign media mogul has so much power...

That is an outrage, but completly unrelated.