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On Fri, 20 Aug 2010 16:14:49 +0100, thewildrover@xxxxxx (Andy Hewitt)
Erm, yes, I know that part, but what about when you do want to add a
shortcut onto the desktop manually? As far as I can see, you have to
either create the shortcut, and drag it over (deleting the 'copy' part
if you want to tidy it up), or find the 'Send To' item.

Nope, go to the app, right click and if it's in the Progs folder (and
probably other places) it will offer to put it on the desktop. Or,
right click where you want the shortcut to be, "New > Shortcut etc
etc. The point is you don't generally have to do anything whereas in
OSX you generally do.

*I* don't, there's not a single application icon on my Desktop, and I
like it just that way. Plenty of folders though.

No, I have the Applications folder in the Dock, finding an app is almost
identical to how you'd find them in Windows.

Ok, not seen (or noticed?) that. Is it on 10.5?

and show up in the hierarchial menu I have in the
Dock, all automatically, and exactly where *I* want them to be.

Not seen the dock menu thing.

It should have appeared there when first installed, unless you've
removed it. In which case, just open a window on the hard drive, and
drag the Applications folder onto the right side of the Dock.

More manual stuff though.

No, only if you removed it. It's automatically put there by default.

And I don't care what you like, I was explaining why *I* didn't find
OSX intuitive or easy! ;-)

Yes, likewise! But I see that OSX is far clearer, and more efficient.
For a start, it doesn't have to put the apps in one location,

Nor does Windows.

then refer
to them again in the programs menu,

You get the choice with Windows.

Yeah, but Windows apps have files all over the shop, the last thing I
want is various locations for the master program. It still needs to
reference it in the Programs menu though. Besides, with *most* Mac apps
you can just drop them in whatever folder you like, but I see no reason
to do so myself, just keep them all in one logical location, and use
aliases (that's the entire point of aliases/shortcuts surely).

(where it doesn't seem to use any
kind of sort order)

Right click, Sort by Name.


it just puts them in the Applications folder, which
is then just accessed directly.


Hmm, you broke up that paragraph and have now moved comments so they are
out of context. This part is referring to OSX.

'Installing' is generally not necessary, just drag the app into the
Applications folder, sorted

Indeed, I didn't say there were no advantages to the OSX way, like
being able to move apps about and across drives etc, however, as neat
as that is it's not something that 'most people' generally need to do.
What they do do though is click on Setup (or poke in a CD) and a menu
item appears for them (and it prompts then that there are new programs
installed and highlights them in the menu!) ;-)

Yeah, I haven't seen the point of that, surely you know you have a new
program if you just run the installer CD?

(and they're alphabetically sorted too).

But in files AND folders alphabetically?

Yes. Why not?

don't see what's unintuitive about that. It's not what I *like* as such,
I just feel it's more logical.

Of course and why you like what you like. Luckily we are all
different. ;-)

Thank goodness for that ;-)

Andy Hewitt