Re: GPS iPhone oddity

Jim <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2010-08-16, Jaimie Vandenbergh <jaimie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yep. You're probably near a wifi router that used to live in Bolton.

Disable wifi and see if the location fix improves.

No WiFi at all here.

I mean disable wifi on the iDevices. If there's a Wifi hub within
hearing reach, then the iThings will use the O2 connection to look the
MAC up even though you're not using it. If its MAC is down in The
Database as being in Bolton, there you go.

Tried that - we're still in Bolton.

Oh, bad luck! I recommend the M61 as an escape route.

Heh! I'm sure Bolton's a perfectly fine place, I just don't want to be

Of course, depending on who navigated, it could be that the phone is
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