Re: Buying an old iPhone 3G

On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 11:43:16 +0100, Jim <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I've got it in my head (so I'm probably wrong) the the difference in CPU
speeds is something along the lines of 400Mhz vs 600Mhz. So, faster but not
enormously so.

I'm pretty certain the memory is the major speedup like you said
earlier - going from 20meg free to 148meg free in the same situation
is a big deal.

I must say though, having seem some comparisons of the 4G's screen compared
to the 3GS's, I'm very impressed.

Scroll about 1/3rd of the way down and there's a comparison of the Maps
icon. The difference is startling.

Great looking thing, isn't it? The screen is my primary wossname for
wanting an iPhone4. I'm expecting the camera to be a little better

Cheers - Jaimie
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