OT: Funny spam and other traps

Just got this in an email with the Halifax logo etc.

"Valued Account Holder,"

(I don't have a Halifax account).

"Due to recent security changes at Halifax, all online banking
customers are required to update their online access details to the
new security servers. The new security servers ensures maximum
security and operates a money back policy in the unlikely event of

'servers ensures ..' wouldn't it be either 'server ensures' (even if
there were a pool of servers) or 'servers ensure' (I'm not much good
with English but that didn't look right, along with the rest of it

"Sign In to Online Service to update your information.

<snip link>

Halifax® will not be responsible for any losses whatsoever resulting
from un-updated accounts"

(I bet it won't).

"Online Security Team
Halifax Bank Plc.
©2010 HBOS Plc."

I guess people must fall for this sort of thing. ;-(

The Mrs was talking to a girl in a shop yesterday who had just gone to
the cash point, drawn out 50 quid and walked off leaving it hanging
out the machine! She told the Mrs that "she was talking to her Mum on
the phone at the time so got distracted". The Mrs she said that was a
bit of bad luck, her Mum ringing her just then but no, she rang her
Mum AS she was using the cash point!

That's one place I try to have my wits about me (and I don't have

Cheers, T i m