Re: G5 iMac still freezing after drive swap

Peter Ashby <pashby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So I replaced the corrupt 240GB drive in our G5 iSight iMac (OS10.4.11)
1.5GB RAM and it is faster than it was before, but it still freezes up
and borks the FW ports.

I've had FW ports go iffy on me - but due to iffy FW disc enclosures
being plugged in to 'em. Takes a reboot to sort out (the enclosures in
question are fine one at a time, but if I plug both in to the FW bus of
a single Mac, I get whinges and FW stops playing until reboot time).
Umm - last time it was a 4G5 tower running 10.4.11.

We get two things, one is that during use the
computer will pause for maybe 20s with iTunes going silent first
followed by responsiveness etc before coming back again. Then there is
the spinning beach ball of death where there is no responsiveness and
trying the wrong thing (Force quit attempt, mousing over the dock) will
lock it solid as indicated by the clock freezing (we have the seconds
running). After the restart the FW ports don't work and are only
recoverable by doing a shutdown, unplugging it, pressing the power
button and then restarting.

Mucho iffiness. Smells bad to me.

I have had the Console running during all this with nothing suspicious
or consistent coming up. Applejack finds nothing wrong with the disc.
Running the Hardware Test off the DVD finds nothing.

Could it be something in software?

<shrug> Could be. Who knows?

or is there some rogue component that
was throwing voltages at the old drive etc? In which case will the new
one go downhill?


<shrug> again.

This is all `what I'd do now when faced with what you're seeing'.

Applejack AUTO (case sensitive!).

Then run all other maintenance jobs you can think of to clear out all
the crap as wide and as deep as you can go. Zap yer PRAM (cmd-opt-p-r
on boot). Re-set the power manager (search Apple support for the method
on your Mac).

I suspect hardware problems. If so - well, it could be RAM glitches, it
could be iffy connections inside the box, intermittency like that can
even be caused by iffy capacitors (I have a Plus which used to reboot
randomly until I twigged that one); who knows? In a machine with at
least tens of billions of parts[1], how could anyone guess?

But, assuming software, if all else fails, wipe everything and
re-install everything from fresh. that should fix it if you start out
without adding all your usual software until it's had a week of proving
it's running okay now.


[1] 1GB RAM \approx 10,000,000,000 bits. One transistor/cell is how
come DRAM is so tightly packed (plus some control and switching around
the edges) so if you've got even a baby PC these days, you got tens of
billions of components. More like hundreds of billions of parts.
Scary, innit?

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