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You need a tuple of (vendor ID,product ID) to uniquely identify a USB
device don't you? That's all Apple's doing. Palm's making their device
use IDs that don't belong to them.

Isn't it akin my me using an IP address that's been assigned to someone else?

No. It's not intended to deceive anyone - Palm aren't pretending
that their phone *is* an iPod.

They are, though.

It's an abuse of the ID by Apple to
prevent other manufacturers from making interoperable devices.

Is this in the USB spec? It doesn't sound like something that would be;
in fact, I'd expect the opposite.

What I'm wondering is this. If Apple are not allowed to use the vendor /
device ID in order to determine what's at the other end of a cable, and
someone hooks up a device that doesn't behave in a way that iTunes
expects, then Something Will Go Wrong. And when that happens, whose
reputation will suffer? Will the consumer say "This crappy device
doesn't work properly" or "Bloody iTunes is a bag of crap"?

Because if there's more than a negligible chance of the latter, then I
think they are within their rights to check what device is at the other
end of the cable, in order to protect their reputation.

It does have the whiff of anti-competitiveness about it though, I must
admit. I wonder whether raising that spectre is Palm's real intention


"And the tiny universe compiles."

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