Re: e-book readers again

On 2009-05-25 11:01:07 +0100, Ian Piper <ianpiper@xxxxxxx> said:

I've lamented in earlier threads what I think is the lack of a killer product from Apple in the e-book reader market. It turns out I'm not alone though... Andy Ihnatko in the latest MacWorld says "If Apple sold this device at anywhere near the cost of a Kindle or Sony Reader (under £250) they’d choloroform [sic] the ebook hardware market while it’s still learning to walk". And the normally reliable rumour-merchant digitimes has an article on it: I hope they will finally announce something at WWDC. Having just spent a couple of weeks lugging two or three 500-page books plus a MacBook Pro back and forth on the train to client sites, I can't wait. Well, as long as it is better than the Sony or Kindle, that is.

The problem is still that statistically Americans don't read, and Apple is an American company. Also the display hardware's still not quite there - all the current ebook readers I've played with have had ponderous displays. Possibly bearable by some, but not by the general public.

I'd be very happy for Apple to prove me wrong, and also to sort the ebook publishers out - one file format thank you, and enough with the stupid prices.

My money is on a 800 x 600 touchscreen form factor, with a bluetooth mini keyboard for optional text entry. Price? For something like that I'd pay up to £500.

You forgot the pony!