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Has anyone upgraded online. Did it go okay? It looks like to upgrade to
the iPhone I have to do it online as per my previous post, because I have at
present an Online 15 sim. Do I get exactly the same if I upgrade over the
phone? I know the usual thing is that you get 'extras' upgrading online but
as far as I can see that doesn't seem to apply to the iPhone. I did speak
to a lady from O2 (rang 202) and told her that I went into the O2 shop to
upgrade and explained to her that they said they couldn't do it and that I
had to do it online, she said she didn't know that and seemed surprised!!
I initially rang her to make sure that doing it online would keep my old
number and she said yes I would as I would just put my original sim in the
new phone.
Does the new iPhone come with a sim in the box anyway. As you can tell I am
a bit apprehensive as to how this is going to work!! Thanks for any help you
can give.

I've got PAYG. My old phone was O2 PAYG. I bought a new iPhone and a
new SIM (told that you needed an iPhone SIM), then transferred number
and credit from old SIM online.

Then (a week later) sorted out Web and WiFi bolt on as it had got broken
by the above.

Since then no problems.

Maybe my old SIM was too old - I'd bought it in 2004 I believe. But I'm
fairly certain that you needed a new SIM, my recollection is that the
packaging on the SIM mentioned iPhone.

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