Re: some OSX Advent questions

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Luckily there's so many Fords out there so statically it's still a
tiny proportion that get stolen so the majority of owners never

No? Or perhaps they just don't realise they're suffering from odd
slowness, all the spam, AV software foibles... they probably assume that
computers "are just like that". It's not just the poor dweebs whose
Windows computers have been hijacked who suffer, it's everybody who uses
email, who pays for bandwidth, who pays bank charges, credit charges,
taxes... computer crime affects virtually everybody.

Agreed. So, buy everyone OSX? No, ban Microsoft from selling Windows,
oh, and shops selling screwdrivers (in case people hurt themselves and
other people with them), or ban hand guns so people wouldn't get
killed wi .. ah, they did and it didn't. ;-(

It only ever closes the app if it's not a document based app, i.e. it
only ever has one window. So no, it doesn't always close the app, in
fact closing a document never closes the app. Closing a window might, if
it's the only window the app ever has. It's predictable, and consistent.

Doesn't sound like it to me! It does if it's a but not if it's b ...?

Got it in one. See, you can cope with simple logic ;-)

Wahoo, I understand Apple (il)logic!.

But you've said you generally only use one application at a time, so
you're unlikely to come across multi-app problems.

What's my use of the system got to do with that?

Er, what? It's difficult to see how to make it simpler, but I'll try:
You said you generally only use one application at a time.
So you don't use multiple applications at the same time.
So you are unlikely to come across problems using multiple applications,
because that's not something you do much of.

Ok, as it's you. Is it possible I've watched someone else using
multiple applications on Vista and seen the thumbnail windows (which
is what I believe we were talking about at the time)?

Anyway, good luck with the Hackintosh .. ;-)

You might be able to help with that

Foolish boy, that I am.

Nothing changes eh! ;-)

There I am, able to fix most common (and some less so)
Windows problems within seconds

Except for that great long list I gave you just off the top of my head,
and the USB drive not booting, and the webcam not being visible.
I guess if there are Windows problems you get stuck on, you can always
ask Woody eh?

Erm, Woody had already replied (proficiently) and I thought you were
concerned about wasted bandwidth?

Anyway, I really can't believe someone who says they were proficient
in DOS and 'did consultancy in / around said would have forgotten
about FDISK or disk partitioning in general ...?

What I actually suspect had happened is you had previously plugged
your pen stick into a Mac and infected it (with some bizarre
McFilesystem). I think you will find pretty well any USB memory device
would come formatted with Fat (16/32) that luckily OSX can read (well
it would have to really wouldn't it). ;-)

I'm not sure XP can read Apples FP .. but then who would ever need to!

All the best ..

T i m