Re: 20" + for colour work...

Jon B <black.hole@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So looking for a 20" or similar, 16xx x 1xxx or larger monitor. Max
budget is set at the price of a 20" Apple Cinema display, but the lower
we can come in the better. Colour hasn't got to be 'critical' but at
least decent. I know the Dells come well recommended, any other

I've used a Samsung SyncMaster 940T with a PC and that seems a decent
monitor. But it may not be what you are after, it's a 19" 4:3 pivot. I
prefer the portrait format when working on WP and for a lot of work in
Photoshop and Illustrator. There's a 20" version but I haven't used it
and I have heard Mac users complain that Samsung don't properly support
MacOS even though they claim they do.

I've also bought hundreds of Benq 20" monitors for a client. They have
good colour, don't cause any visual problems, are reliable and don't
cost the earth.

TBH for Mac use my gut feeling is to go with Dell.