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`Despite superlative performance, the cost of the Class T amplifier
approach appears to have limited its acceptance. Financial difficulties
have caused Tripath to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on 8
February 2007. Sales in the 10's of millions of dollars per year, and
owneship of several patents, suggest that Tripath designs will continue
in production, even if the company is reorganized during Chapter 11.'

I'm not sure what they mean by this - the cost of the Class T amp
approach appears to have limited its acceptance? Is it that they're so
cheap, or what?

Clumsy wording at the least. Perhaps it's similar to perfume not
selling, whatever its merits, if it is priced too cheaply?

Anyway, signs that there might be trouble ahead.

I had thought about buying a spare... Could be any new owner will up
the price, or maybe the Chinese will see an opportunity to do a Rover
and kick-start an indigenous hi-fi industry?

There's quite a cottage industry around the Tripath chips; I've gone
the hair-shirt route and bought a kit from a chap in Sweden ("41Hz").
50% assembled, now to get a power supply...

Coo. Thing is, for the price they sell the things fully built, is that
sensible? I know, wrong question.

Heh. The chap at work who opened my eyes to all this bought a T-Amp,
ripped it apart, reboxed it, added gold-plated phono sockets etc.
Apparently, _the_ Pot to use is an Alps 'Blue Velvet'. And he's even
upgrading this now to a motorised version - of course, these's a chap
in Germany, sells a kit for the control board. :)

Francis K.

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