Re: Foreign Google

In article <1h75eep.1hg3pfl590kv8N%peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Peter Ceresole wrote:
> Jim <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On the main Google page, click on 'Preferences' (second down, to the right
>> of the search button).
>> Then select your laguage-of-choice from the dropdown.
>> Then click the button that's top-right (save preferences).
> Thank you. It's easier when you can read the language...
> Actually, I had a lot of trouble finding a language I recognised in the
> drop-down. In the end I chose Italian, and from then on it was easy.
> I have absolutely no idea why Google decided I spoke Russian. Of course
> sometimes they seem to change the language for a day, for a joke, but
> this had gone on for weeks...

I use Bork, bork, bork! myself.

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