Re: the su command

Pinnerite <pinnerite-without-these-words@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Justin C wrote:
Pinnerite <pinnerite-without-these-words@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What I would really have liked to do was to go from an $ level
directory to # but be in the same directory, thus obviating the need
to go via # konqueror. Is there an easy command to do this. If
there is it ought to be part of the man page.

Don't do "su -", just do "su". At least, here on Debian, "su" makes me
super-user in the current directory. If I cd /some/where/else and then
exit I'm back where I was before I invoked su.

I am using su in the O/S mentioned below. Here su on its own takes me to the
root directory, hence my whinge. It's not a big deal except that at least
once a year I read how wonderfully flexible Linux is and how there are
always multiple ways to do things, until I want to do them it seems.

su is supposed to stay in the same directory if not given - or -l; if it
doesn't then you have a broken version (or have inadvisedly aliased it
or something).