Re: FoxPro database equivalent for Linux

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FoxPro is a compiler for the old dBase language, so at some point
someone must have sat down and written the application you use. If you
want an equivalent to Foxpro itself there are dozens of different
programming languages, if you have a programmer available then ask them
to chose one. If you don't have a programmer available then you have a
completely different problem.

I did it all myself, the FoxPro screen builder and report builder wizards
make it very easy, there was not too much climbing in through the back door
to integarte the various databases (cash book, customer details, order
book, purchase ledger)

We are a very specialised importer/sales business, have only about 250
customers, and process about 200 orders/year.

Hmmm. Under Windows I'd suggest Access as the right tool for the job. I haven't found a Linux application that can do everything that Access can, but OO Base is a good first step towards it.

For the benefit of those that haven't used Access, the problem with replacing it is that it doesn't approach the problem the way a UNIX developer would. Access contains a database engine, visual forms designer and report designer in a single IDE. The UNIX approach would have been to use separate tools for each job. Of course some versions of Access will run under Wine but that doesn't seem a very satisfactory solution to me.

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