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Gazz wrote:
i'm totaly new to all this linux stuff, always used what ever came on the pc/laptop i bought, so went thru win 98, ME, XP and vista.

I have an old laptop. IPC 340S2, which i believe is also known as a topenote H, it came with win ME, i changed to XP on it, but lost a lot of functionality, as the thing was made for ME, and xp is a bit too much for it, hence it's slow as hell, takes a goot 7 minutes to boot up,

i'd like to give linux a try, and thought this old lappy would be ideal, but i havent a clue which version of linux i should go for,

i want a very simple system, the only things on the laptop i want to work is the usb and lan port, dont need the irda, pcmcia, vga out or other ports, as i never used them before, obviousely need the cd drive to work, just to load the os onto the lappy, after that i wont use it.

i dont need any power manageent options, as the battery died years ago, i took the cells out the pack, and run it off the mains adaptor.

the display is old, it struggles with 1024x768, really should be 800x600 only,

all i want the thing to really do is run a web browser, limewire, a mp3 and mpeg player, and that's about it.

Basicaly i want to use this lappy as my means of downloading stuff off p2p networks, thinking linux would be imune to viruses,
i dont want e-mail, or to run any other proggies really, and i'd transfer the downloaded movies to the windowz pc's via the lan connection,
i've never got on with command prompt os's really, so a gui is needed,

what's the recomendation fo a simple, fast loading very basc OS that can run limewire and a basic web browser, and handle the populat media files?

idealy something i can just download, burn a cd, bung in the lappy's drive after /fdisk-ing the HD, and have it set it up, prefer to run off the HD.

RedHat Fedora guidelines suggest that, if you're running a graphical desktop
then the minimum machine should be 400 MHz with 256 MB of RAM. I'm currently running a fairly full development version of Fedora 7, which wants 15 GB of disk. I'd agree: my main box has 855 MHz, 256 MB and a 40 GB disk.

On the other hand I'm typing in an IBM Thinkpad 560Z with 300 MHz, 192 MB RAM and a 6 GB hard drive. Its running an old distro (Fedora Core 1), largely for installation reasons - any Fedora distro since FC1 can't be booted off floppy and this thing can only boot from floppy or HDD (its CD connects via a PCMCIA card). This runs stably - I use it for all you want to do plus a bit of C and Java development and work processing with OpenOffice, but its can get slow. In particular:

- switching focus between Opera and Thunderbird takes forever because
192 MB isn't quite enough RAM

- for some reason I haven't fathomed it periodically gets slower,
probably because RAM and swap space get fragmented, and it needs
a reboot every 4-5 days to sort this out.

- its never crashed, though some applications have and the XFree86
graphical system can lock up if the periodic reboot isn't done.

How does your laptop compare with this? If you think its big enough, get one of the LiveCD Linuxes (Ubuntu or Knoppix), run it from the CD and see how that likes your machine. If they work together and you like Linux you can consider doing a permanent installation on the hard disk.

Be aware that running from a CD is slow because (1) CDs are much slower than hard drives and (2) LiveCD distros are severely compressed to fit them on a single CD, and (3) the need to uncompress every file as its read makes things even slower. Lastly, booting will be slow because of points (1) to (3) plus (4) booting a live CD also runs the part of the installer that analyzes your hardware and configures Linux as its booted.

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