Re: Server distro recommendations

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:01:59 GMT, Nick Challoner wrote:

I was wondering what distro people would recommend for server
installations? I'm looking to upgrade a server farm at work from an
ancient version of Turbo Linux.

Take a look at SME Server It might be
to big a leap with it's web interface and templating system but it is
stable, secure and being actively developed/supported. I think it'll has
all the things you mention supplied.

Therefore what I'm really after is a lightweight server distro that
comes with compilers and the basic stuff such as passwd, vi etc, on
which I can compile my own Perl, Apache, MySQL etc etc. Any
recommendations please?

SME Server being designed to be an "out of the box" server doesn't have
the normal development tools included for security reasons. They can be
added to a system though for devleopment work.

Cheers new5pam@xxxxxxxxxxx
Dave. pam is missing e-mail


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