Re: Internet access, Linux, Windows XP and Virtual Machines!

"jasee" <jasee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Gordon wrote:
A genuine question:
Which is safer, to install linux, and run XP in a virtual machine (I
have Office 2007 which AFAIK won't run in WINE yet) or to keep my
current installation of XP and Office 2007 and run Linux in a virtual
machine for browsing, newsgroups etc?
If the latter, can someone point me to some info as to what distros
will run in Virtual PC 2007?

You can't run any linux distros on any of Ms's virtual machines. Try Vm
workstation for Linux, version 6 is very good I use it on top of Red Hat
thought it will run on top of many distributions. There's a list at

Theres also an enthusiastic forum. You can get a month's free trial. But
the cost of workstation 6 is only about $100. you can run dos, linux, all
versions of windows even Vista, Mac and IIRC solaris and others.

thanks for that - I've used the free VMWare Server before. Which of the two
scenarios above would you consider to be safer, or are they about the same?