Re: Centralised user accounts and laptops

On 30/05/2007 13:57, Geoffrey Clements wrote:

As I saw it Stephen Patterson answered question 2 so I answered question 1 noticing that you are using openLDAP. I know I didn't describe an account caching facility but hopefully you can get similar functionality in the ways I mentioned.

depends how many users are involved, you get the pain of having to create and use multiple accounts, set permissions so they work for both of them, setup email accounts and browser bookmarks etc.

I /think/ that the LDAP database replication using slurpd might be closest to what you want though, as I said, I've never done this, in particular I'm not sure how slurpd behaves when only intermittently connected to a slave database.

that could work, but would be equivalent to every laptop being a domain controller, security issues over people brute-forcing the passwords