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I don't know, if this is the right category, but I hope so

I'm searching for a cheap mobile-phone, that works under Linux
The only thing it should support is sending and receiving SMS, but can
anybody tell me, which mobile phone I should buy?

I can't really answer which phone to buy, many will work. It depends on
you are talking about PAYG or contract, and what your chosen operator has
best deals on and what else you want it to do. My mobile is my PDA and

The best advice I can give is get a bluetooth dongle for your PC, this
will be
more future proof than a cable and will work with next years phone and the
after that.

I have only ever owned a Nokia, so am slightly biased, but I would say to
get a
nokia. They certainly have a more intuitive menu structure and I know they

As for software you will need to install both bluez and gnokii, both
come as part of your linux distro. Both have mailing lists, so I would you
those. Gnokii was originally a linux programme for driving nokia phones,
but I
believe others are supported now.

HTH Phil

Depends what you want to do with your phone connected to the PC?

I can bluetooth files between my Nokia N73 and Ubuntu system, but can't get
it to sync my contacts and calendar or use as a modem. Still need to switch
to my WinXP system to use the supplied Nokia Software.

I only want's to send and recieve sms-messages