Re: Brand new to Linux - good software sites?

Simon Brooke wrote:

It's worth pointing out that no Linux virus has ever been found in the
wild. It's possible to create them and to get them to spread in carefully
set up laboratory conditions, but real world Linux is not homogenous
enough to allow viruses to work. So anti-virus software for Linux is a bit
like keeping an anti-unicorn gun in the house: it may /work/, but there's
nothing to use it on.

As I understand it, ClamAV similar detect Windows viruses and are for running on servers that handle mail that may be going to Windows workstations, so they have plenty of sensible opportunities for use in that context.

But if the OP is looking for something to protect a single Linux box connected to the internet, you're right to point out that AV software isn't needed.

Careful firewalling, limitation of running server processes to only what's needed, looking at logs and occasionally running apps like chkrootkit are more relevant to a linux system.


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