Re: Southern Electric e-billing site "enhanced" to no longer work on linux

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Ian Rawlings <news06@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Wotcher all, Southern Electric have decided their website was too
functional and have covered it in stupid flash animations, which of
course don't work properly unless you're running on Windows or Mac OS.
When the phone droid was asking me what OS I was using, the choices were
XP, Vista or Mac OS, I could hear her brain bleeding when I said Linux.
There is no way to avoid using the flash interface. How pathetic.

I do hate this kind of thing. They're raising a "fault", but I think I
know what their "solution" will be....

I tried to look at this site last night and had the same problems you were
getting, in the end I had to use adblocker plus to remove all the flash

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