Re: UK government gives MS unfair advantage

On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 11:59:41 +0000, Daniel James wrote:

In article news:<87y8cyabvw.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Graham Murray
History shows just how fast the dominant product can change. Look at
WordPerfect, it enjoyed the dominant position for some time then almost
overnight the vast majority changed to using Word. Now very few people
use WordPerfect.

That's very true ... but it's slightly beside the point. Word taking the
market from WordPerfect wasn't really a market reaction to either of
those products, but a result of the widespread adoption of Windows

People started using Windows (rather than DOS) and wanted a pretty
windowy WYSIWYG word processor to run on it. WordPerfect had by far the
better DOS wordprocessor but totally misgauged the market's reaction to
Windows and failed to develop a Windows version (and when they did it
was the DOS product in a window, not WYSIWYG editing) and in doing so
they threw away the whole PC WP market overnight.

Maybe Microsoft will thow away the whole office market by not devloping
a linux version ... we can hope!

Microsoft will throw away the office market by chasing piracy in the
developing world. If they persist in doing this those who currently pay $1
a disc for Office are not suddenly going to pay $300 or a years annual
earnings in many parts of the world. They'll just use and
OOo will just keep improving and increasing its take up. The main thing
that keeps MS Office entrenched is the .doc format. The filters in OOo 2.0
are excellent, better even that the good ones in 1.1 and in 3.0 they will
be damn near perfect. With K0ffice and other suites adopting the Open
Document Format which will soon become an ISO standard which the EU are
saying they are going to insist on, the days of proprietary document
formats are numbered.

Also why would anyone upgrade when their current software does what they
need? There is a law of diminishing returns in keep adding bells and
whistles no-one wants or needs. Many people are coming round to this. Ok,
MS might not support older versions. Yet another good reason for adopting
OOo. 40 million downlods is not bad considering the software is only just
getting to be a mature finished product. Its not going to stop getting
better and there is no sign that its expansion is waning.

I was in a school to-day that has both MS Office and OOo. I was told the
"in" kids use OOo, the rest use MS Office. set a fashion and watch how
things change.

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