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On 26/12/2011 17:38, Jaimie Vandenbergh wrote:
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Folks, I have 2 devices on a LAN link to the Internet via a home router
(which is fed by a VM cable modem.)
One of those [prts feeds a device upstairs on a 15m Ethernet run.
My question; Can I share that single LAN connection between 2 devices
without having to run another cable - and without any significant
increase in lag? If so, what device do I need to best achieve this - is
it a 'switch'?

In theory it's possible to use a single Ethernet cable to connect two
100Mbit devices. It's a bodge and if you do it's likely that there will
be tears before bedtime.

The best solution is as you guessed a switch. You can get four port
switches quite cheaply. Switches usually have one 'uplink' port which is
designed so that you can use an ordinary patch cable to connect it. If
you don't have an uplink port you *might* need to use a crossover cable.
Don't go and buy a crossover cable until you are sure that you need one.

One alternative, if you have the budget, the hardware and the need for
it, is to add a gigabit switch at each end. This gives you a gigabit
connection between your two devices. The connection to the router/modem
doesn't need gigabit speeds.

Thanks for that
The two devices are an xbox and a pc and so talking together is not a
concern - just need to share the connection - and even then only one at
a time.

Do you have wifi in the house? It's about the same price to get a
(second hand) wifi blob for the Xbox as to get a switch, and it's far
tidier. The Xbox doesn't need speedy transfers of course, it's only
talking to t'Internet.

Cheers - Jaimie

My son tells me the wifi increases lag and he gets killed more!

Pfft. A feeble excuse - your son clearly has no skillz!

Seriously, I don't believe that to be true. It's tricky to really show
that, since you can't run a ping from the xbox, but if you have kit at
home that you can connect both ways in turn, run a test.

Here, I get a consistent difference of 0.202ms average between gigE
and 802.11n. You may have a larger value, depending on your wifi
setup, local other wifis, and so on.

Human reaction times are on the order of 150ms. I rest my case!

Cheers - Jaimie
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