Re: Oh Dear, this "crucial" rendition stuff might be naff

"Daniel James" wrote in message news:VA.0000053e.05306093@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

So, now you have to try the game with just one thing running in the
tray, and repeat the experiment until you find out which one causes the
crash ... or it could be a combination of two ...

Do you, perhaps, have some kind of video card utility running that
attempts to tune the performance of the video card while the game is
running, whose action might destabilize the game?

I don't have to find out exactly which program causes it as I have no problems shutting down everything as I do not need them to be running anyway. The only thing in my system which is overclocked is the graphics but I tried running the game without the overclock and it still crashes in same manner. Since closing everything in sys tray down I can run with the overclock in place no problem. I don't really need to find out which particular program crashes it as there can be many different programs which conflict so the best advice is to close everything I mean who really depends on the stuff in the sys tray.


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