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Ubuntu will show a measly 640x480 screen in the corner of my large
Acer x223HQ monitor. I click on the monitor button from systems, but
ubuntu cannot find the monitor or change resolution. However, it does
connect to internet ok when trying from the DVD.

What graphics card/chipset does your PC have? It may not be supported by
Ubuntu (or, at least, by the liveCD).

It has shared graphics from mboard, but works fine on Windows, even at
1080x1920 native resolution. mboard is DFI Mini-ITX with Celeron-M 1.4
I was told that ubuntu is good at finding hardware?

That doesn't tell us anything about the graphics adapter. My guess is
it's NVidia and you've been hit by the "nv" driver being replaced by
"nouveau" before the latter was really ready. After installation you'll
be prompted to install a proprietary driver which should fix it for you.
Alternatively there can be obscure issues with power saving options;
you'll have to search the Ubuntu forums for people having the same
problem with similar hardware and you should find a fix which usually
involves adding an option to the kernel boot parameters.


But this window is larger than the 640x480 panel, so the 'continue'
or 'OK' button cannot be revealed, however much I move the window
around in the available space. It may be somewhere at the bottom
which is inaccessible without changing the monitor resolution,
which it wont let me do.

If you hold down the "Alt" key you should be able to left-click/drag
the window so that the bottom is showing -- with "Alt" pressed you
can click anywhere in the window to move it, not just the title bar.

You can also activate the default button by pressing "Enter" (just
like on Windows) ... but you may not be able to tell which button
/is/ the default.

I have it open right here on the other PC. the At button just freezes
the movement.

The ENTER key toggles the tickbox on and off "Download updates while

That's all I get.

I see you sorted out the Alt key later. But if you're lucky you might be
able to increase the resolution with the Resolution utility found in the
system preferences menu.

In the most popular GUI library for Linux action buttons don't
necessarily activate when you press Enter. The feature has to be
explicitly enabled by the programmer and many overlook it. But you can
still use Tab to cycle the focus between widgets and activate the button
with Enter when it's focused.

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