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James R wrote:
You don't need lots of case fans. If your PC is getting that hot then it
a severe problem. You can make things worse by causing air to stay inside
the case - warm air. You only need a fan in the power supply and on the
main CPU heatsink. In all the years of putting computers together and
using them I have never known one to need case fans. A graphics card
doesn't need a fan unless it under a lot of strain. [snip]
Not true re graphics cards
I have an 8800GTS. With the fan off, I lose my display in relatively
short time. The stock heat-sink cannot remove enough heat without a fan.

Well, yes - that's what happens with the 8800 series, they use a lot
of watts. That's why I went ATI this round. Whatever the technical
reason, you get a lot more bang for your degree C with their cards -
particularly when not gaming.

Ah - but the specifications on power consumption (like for like) is
still higher on ATI - which is why I avoided them! Perhaps the aTI is
lower on 2D but in full gaming?

Yep. And I don't know about you, but round here my ATI spends less
than 10% of its time gaming...

That's not really fair of me though, since I'm a notch or three behind
your 8800GS. I'm using a 3870 picked specifically for its
watts/performance balance, and I was misremembering how the rest of
the series matched up. Sorry.

Looking at the directly comparable 4850 cards, there's not a lot in it
between ATI and nVidia in 2D - although nV do still use more in games.

There's a nice comparison chart of actual measured values here:,2122-3.html

Nigel Wade