Re: Ubuntu Feisty Faun

"Gaz" <gazter@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
ric wrote:
About every 6 months I'll try an install of a flavour of Linux, and
usually get pigsick of tinkering to get it working nicely and sack it
off again. I've just tried the latest Ubuntu release and thought it
worth mentioning - installed on an HP NC4200 centrino laptop, and it
was faster to install than XP, it got *all* the hardware right
(including hardware buttons for volume etc) and 3d acceleration on
the graphics works out of the box - new desktop wibbly window
effects from Compiz are pretty impressive eye candy.
Really impressed with it so far - not sure I'd give up on my Macbook
yet, but it's definitely come along way recently....

Its still a long way from being good enough to stick in a box and
sell for £89 though.

But as its FREE that is a pointless comment. Hell. windows XP and Vista
aren't good enough to stick in a box and sell for £89 - its just that
Microsoft's near-monoply allows them to charge inflated peices for bloated
and often buggy OSs. Ubuntu installs easily on most systems and provides all
the functionality that most people need. The only things that stops many
people from considering free alternatives like this is their own ignorance
and Microsoft propaganda.

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