Re: Where to get cheap XP Home?

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3) Is your pal's PC system hardware of adequate spec to run XP

4) Your pal should check that his/her , programs and peripherals
are all supported under XP - not likely to be an issue, but worth

Good advice from previous poster. Do not assume that the comp will
run XP. In many cases the BIOS are just too old to cope. Visiting
the manufacturers site should give some info.

This has worked for me: change the bios to boot from the CD and try
to run Ubuntu 7.04 - some interesting messages may come up and it
has been my experience that if the BIOS can't cope with 7.04 then
they will not cope with XP.

bad advice from previous poster. BIOS won't support an operating
system? eh? I don't understand this reasoning.

It's all about drivers. Lack of manufacturer-supplied drivers
doesn't mean it won't work though. XP with SP2 slipstreamed in is
pretty darned good at getting most drivers right for common chipsets.
I'd put my lowest spec for usable XP at around a PIII 500 with >512MB
RAM. Anything above this will be ok for general use...

His machine is a P4 - not sure about RAM, etc, so that's why I thought
upgrading from win98 to XP would be a good idea.

I've heard of people running XP (Home) on an Asus board with an AMD K6 with
128MB PC100 RAM. Personally I've run XP on an ECS P6IWF mobo with a 5-600MHz
Celeron and 256MB PC133 RAM. The BIOS had problems with it at first, but
that was easily sorted. All drivers for everything, previously run in ME,
were easily available in XP.