Re: rather odd ASUS/NVIDIA findings

"chris 159" <chris_young3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
i have an asus nvidia geforce fx5200 v9520 card in my system. it has
s-video and dvi outputs.
i always had my monitor connected to the svga and my widescreen tv to
s-video. always worked good.
i recently bought a digital tft screen with various connectors
including dvi
and with it being digital, obviously i want to use it digitally so i
on the net for imformation. most places i looked at say that it does
support dvi and tv out together, only svga/tv and or svga/dvi. but i
across one place that says it does support dvi and tv together as
because of this slight confusion i decided to email asus customer
and got this reply -

"Dear Friend :
Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.
My name is Maggie and I would be assisting you today.
We are really sorry to say that your card can support dual view Except
(Analog) + TV and No Dual View Support for DVI (Analog) + DVI
(Digital).Please check that.:):)"

translated from asian english into english it reads as though it doesnt

support dvi/tv together. what a bummer but never mind.
i got a dvi cable today and plugged it in and guess what - dvi/tv
DOES work. im a happy chappy :-)

so it goes to show that even the people that make things dont know how
Just to be awkward that reads to me that it does not support both analogue
and digital from the DVI socket at the same time. More like they did not
understand your Question.


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