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so is it any good i want to know what do the following means

High efficiency and Low Noise

100% full load burn-in

i currently use one of these


but i think thats wat keep randomly going off

is this one better or not like will it give me full power and not
turn off


Sumvision 500W ATX PSU

500 Watts Continuous power rating
High efficiency and Low Noise

Standard ATX specification
Over Power Protection
Short Circuit Protection
100% full load burn-in
1.5Kv Hi-Pot Test Pass, FCC CE approved
2 x Internal 12cm Cooling Fan

AC input 230X, 50-60Hz

Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 140 (mm)
PSU connectors:
4 x Standard four pin power molex
1 x floppy power
1 x AMD/P4 power
1 x ATX Motherboard power
1 x Mains power cable
1 x cooling fan
Package contents:
1 x 500W ATX Sumvision PSU
1 x Mains Power Cable
Brand new retail box

It will probably be about as good as your qtec i.e. a load of
crap. Decent quality PSU's cost upwards of £35
The PSU's in my 2 PC's here cost a total of about £130.00, but
they have been totally reliable for ages.
PSU's are like a lot of things in life - you get what you pay for.


You also get brand snobs, like people that pay a fortune for a VW
Golf when they could have the same engine and other bits in a Skoda
Fabia! A lot of PSUs have exactly the same circuits inside, made
by just a few companies.

You have proof of this? Possibly with one or two brands (especially
the cheaper ones), but I doubt it with the top half dozen

The same as TVs, radios, DVD recorders etc. So paying more for the
same thing with a different badge makes no sense. There are
different grades through each range, that applies to outputs and
things like temperature controlled fans.
That power supply will be fine if you buy one with the correct
rating, but if you want to pay £65 for the same board inside a case
with a different name then do it.
The most common problem with people (experts) saying power supplies
can't cope is that they have had some crappy PC for years and then
buy a 3GHz chip and board and throw it in the old case on a 250w
PSU. Then they say, "this cheap power supply is rubbish - you only
get what you pay for!" - what they mean is they haven't worked out
the correct one required.

If you're referring to my post, then you're wrong. My pc has 3 hdd's
(inc a SCSI and its controller card), 2 dvd burners, A64, GT6600
etc, so I spent plenty of time considering which PSU to buy, and
ended up getting a 480w Thermaltake, so I had power to spare and a
decent quality product.

I have had various PCs with different power supplies and after
testing and repairing them there was no noticable difference
between branded and unbranded. All the branded ones are just
badged unbranded ones anyway!

You've obviously not taken an Enermax or Antec apart then, the build
quality is streets ahead of one of these 12 quid jobbies.

Just get the correct rating and you will be OK.

A QTec has a rating printed on the side, however, its got nothing to
do with its actual power output. If you don't believe me, ask in the
various pc hardware newsgroups about QTec psu's.


Exactly, qtec et-al rating are based on maximum theoretical burst
power (burst being about 25msof full power before the caps inside it
I find with the cheap and nasty psu's if you 1/2 the stated rating
and add about 25% back on that will give you the approximate
constant rating, albeit you will find the 12v/5v rails tend to
"flex"a bit, I've seen quite a few drop to 10.5v and ~4V under
sudden load, not the makings of a stable system in my opinion


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Qtech, christ I bought a 400w gold coloured thing with dual fans a
few years back, still got it. It's in the frigging box yet. Tried it
on my Athlon Xp 2Ghz system that I'm still using and it wouldn't even
boot up. Put it in my brothers 800Mhz thing and it ran fine so it
told me it wasn't good enough for my Athlon.


Just a little note, QTec are not the same as QTechnology who make excellent
quality PSU's

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