Re: Lost XP product key - before install.

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Houghton says...
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> Conor <conor.turton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > How about the Central Scotland Police Force which are on Linux and
> > StarOffice but are to move to Win2003/MS Office after a review in 2004?
> >
> > Ability to file reports from remote locatios and the cost of support
> > was one of the factors.
> Nothing about OSS should prevent remote filing of reports.
> > Quote:
> > The head of IT, David Stirling, noted that the review also identified
> > "disproportionate" support costs associated with the open source kit:
> > "An estimated 25 percent of additional staff time was routinely
> > required to install and maintain open source-based systems," he said.
> It's pretty obvious they were offered a huge discount by Microsoft in
> return for giving some bullshit negative publicity to OSS. I've got more
> respect for the police than most people have, but I don't think they're
> more honest than anyone else. This guy's the IT manager for a large
> organisation, who's just chosen closed source. That automatically means
> anything he says about his decision is a lie.
Really? THey had OSS for four years. Hardly a flash in the pan. Also
they originally got it because of cost but it has been proven over the
years to be more expensive - free to buy, dear to support.


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