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If you actually believe in your fantasy project, please set out your
experience of Islay, of setting up a pig business anywhere, but
specifically on Islay, of pigs themselves, and, above all, of pig
welfare. Your experience working at Felixstowe is, by the way, totally
irrelevant whether or not you were "successful", in your own terms.

Please also provide a business plan setting out expected setting up and
annual running costs, the likely sources of that funding, and then some
indication of the annual profit/loss you would expect. And don't hide
behind stupid words like "commercial confidentiality" because no-one
will be interested without some hard facts and figures to work on. This
is, after all, the real world, Pat, and in the real world you don't get
funding first and invent the figures afterwards.

IIRC, one area that would have to be addressed in the planning stage of
any commercial venture involving livestock would be obtaining the
requisite consent from the relevant Defra office. (In this case, the
devolved Scottish analogue thereof).

Of course.

Other considerations apart, I am sure that they wouldn't allow any
derogatory statements concerning their organisation by the principal
proponent of this scheme to influence any decision on their part.

The old crew of corrupt vetocrats and their cronies will have gone.
The reformers will be in charge and applying proper civil service
standards of impartiality. Having seen what happened to their
predecessors, they will be anxious to embrace change.

The Islay high Health Pig Farm will be part of the new regime.

Possibly the flagship of a new revitalised healthy pig industry.
Similar movements are under way in North America.

Thank you for taking an interest. You can probably take the ideas
back to Italy.

Your project Pat, you "take it to Islay". This emphasis on getting others to do the promotion and getting others to foot the bills is likely to be considered fraudulent. If you are serious you wouldn't want that, would you Pat?

However, you are not serious are you Pat? You are an extreme compulsive troll filling this group up with your rubbish because you can then pretend that you have a significant number of readers without evidence to the contrary being automatically put in front of you, as with your Blog, website and tweets.

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