Russia introduces compulsory insurance against ASF

Pat's Note: This is interesting to anyone who lived through the 2000
CSF & FMD epidemics.

I was genuinely amazed to discover farming did not carry insurance to
handle such disasters, leaving it for the taxpayer to pick up the
bill. (Farmers did make a contribution to CSF costs)

When I started asking questions, the roof fell in on me apparently led
by officials of the NFU and CLA. The NFU have a large insurance
company that insure most farms and some of the officials obviously
wanted neither the bill nor any questions asked. The incomprehensible
bluster was amazing. You can find much in the archives of the

We never did get to the bottom of the scandal, but proper insurance
would have been "laid off" with Lloyds, so would hit neither the
farmers nor the insurance company seriously. Disaster insurance was
entirely normal insurance in any other business sector.

True the farmer would have had a slightly higher premium to pay, but
pre 2000 that would not have been so very much. The whole business was
very peculiar; the questions that should have been very properly asked
did not get an airing and the abuse the writer got for asking
questions unbelievable.

As far as I know, the position remains unsatisfactory.

Aside from money issues, had the insurance business had to pick up the
tab, they would have insisted on a proper investigation and
reorganisation of the state veterinary service to prevent
reoccurrences. Insurance companies force improvements.

Proper capitalism is a largely self-regulating system but Britain
staggers on under some socialist hybrid dating back to WW2. It is
interesting to see Russia, of all countries, giving a lesson on how
things might be done properly.

Pat Gardiner
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