U.S. Plum Island Scientists Develop New FMD Vaccine - as reported by approved BBC Reporter

I am pleased to share this news with UKBA. I have just now seen the
news article with it's report made by BBC's Own Correspondent who was
actually present to observe this development.

Nice to know that she's done a nice job of reporting really new,
news.....effectively enabling BBC to "break" this story. That's not
What is important is that the U.S. Plum Island researchers have been
working on Foot and Mouth vaccine that could protect animals all over
the world, not just the USA.

You folks don't like cut and pasted stories....so I would suggest you
read today's http://www.bbc.co.uk website and you can find this
important news, just as I did.

Good job on both the USA Plum Island Scientists and the young lady
that was "embedded" by the BBC News to report these developments.
She did a nice job.


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