Re: ...and the pigs are still sick

On 2008-03-05, "David G. Bell" <dbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's hard to tell sometimes, although it does look a little like
paranoia, but in human medicine it seems to be getting to the point
where nobody can lift anything. Which means more space needed for the
lifitng machinery in a hospital ward. And that's with nurses who still
resemble my mother--hefty lasses.

Yes, i was talking to a lady who does nightnursing in a `retirement
home`, and remarked that when people are getting beat, it seems that
it would be better to get someone to go in and help for a few hours
every day. She said that if a situation arose where that old person
ever needed any help, an arm to lean on getting out of bed, or off a
chair, two people are needed for that by regulation, which means a
doctor has to be sent for and the old person is sent to the

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