Re: Avian Flu - A retrospecive

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Buddenbrooks wrote:
I have been watching this for more than 12 years, I am not into hysterics, but to dismiss the threat is not informed.

The point I was referring to was that the same strain of virus entering the European stock is not having anything like the same mortality rate as
it is having in Asia. According to the programmed I was listening to on R4 Tuesday night. This is a puzzle to the experts.

The problem once a potential disaster starts puzzling the people that are experts in the field is what to do to minimize the risk.

I have to dismiss the threat for the practical reason of not being involved in any area of activity where I have any input to the situation.

I do believe that humanity is at the cusp of a major disaster because so many things are stretched to the limit and that the capacity to recover
is probably inadequate. Unfortunately we do not know what the trigger event will be and we cannot cover all the possibilities. My money is on a major volcanic eruption shoving us into a global war driven by food shortage. Pandemics are probably less of a worry, a plague killing 1/3 of the population would be a terribly personal tragedy but may bring the population down to a manageable population and avert warfare from recourse shortages.

Of course the problem with plague is that it takes only 24Hrs for it to be carried to anywhere on the globe, unlike the black death crossing Europe over months, the next will hit in days.