Re: Meet your meat: MRSA test call for farm animals to combat human strain.

"Knut J Bjuland" <knutjbj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I believe theses pig are given antibiotic in their food to get them to grow
faster and to be able to take them away from their mother at an earlier age
than is natural. It is done to get the pig mother pregnant as soon as
possible. A piglet is breast feed in nature to about 12 week when they in
US is weaned at 1 week with antibiotic. A piglet who is breast feed does
not need antibiotic since the pig breast milk protect the piglet from
pathogen bacterial and virus.

Adam Hart wrote:
MRSA test call for farm animals All farm animals should be tested for a
form of the superbug MRSA, an
organic group has urged the government. The Soil Association says the bug
is widespread in the Netherlands,
Belgium and Germany, from where some of the meat eaten in the UK is
imported. In the Netherlands, 39% of pigs tested positive for the bug
which can
be passed to humans. And 13% of calves also tested positive for the bug,
which is different
to the strain found in hospitals. Poultry meat The studies found that 50%
of farmers were also positive, some of whom
have been resistant to antibiotics. The Soil Association blamed the use
of antibiotics in farming for the
problem. Story from BBC NEWS:

That has been the reason in the past in Britain, but not in recent years.

Animal rights and welfare groups have been right in claiming antibiotic use
has risen but their reasons are wrong. They are right that the whole process
endangers human health.

Massive doses of antibiotic have been and are being used in commercial herds
to try to keep the pigs alive during epidemics of circovirus or pmws as it
is more commonly known in the UK.

Pat Gardiner