Re: Creditors - Final Accounts

On 25 Nov, 10:00, "Tim" <m...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
desperad...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
... if my end of year was
August the 31st and during June, July and August £300 of VAT 'due'
to (ie. needing to be paid to) HMRC had accumulated which was to be
paid to HMRC in September, then under Creditors-VAT I would have a
figure of £300? If that is not the case, then I'd be grateful for
... I said 'if my year end was' in the last sentence...

"PeterSaxton" wrote
Where did you say 'if my year end was'? It's certainly not in the
last sentence as you state and I don't see that quote anywhere...

Peter, did you actually read his post?!
Look up there ^^^^ (I've snipped the bit before
he said it, to try to make it easier for you to find!).

Granted, it was not quite the last sentence - but nevertheless he did say

Yes, he did say something of the sort. It wasn't where he indictated
and it wasn't the wording he quoted but it had the same meaning.

Despite this, we had all agreed that his accounts year end was 31
August. It was his VAT quarter ending we were trying to determine. Is
desperado now trying to backtrack on when his accounts year end is?