Re: Alternative to Cardnet Chip and Pin Machine

""2. That the cc co is magically liable for fraud just because
the retailer did something extra, which wasn't in the T&C's
as guaranteeing the payment? Nope, still not persuaded! ""

It's nice you agree that Thumbprinting reduces the risk of fraud (see
previous postings). It would be a very brave or stupid card issuer who
insisted on charging the cost of fraud to any retailer who furnished
the police with a print on a transactions slip.
AFAIK a chargeback has never occurred in this scenario. Criminals
however have been identified and caught where they've left their
print. The most notable being where a crook left their print on two

Thumbprinting doesn't change the relationship between banker and
retailer, your correct but maybe it should. Retailers using the
Thumbprint system are providing a extra service but as they are not
experiencing chargeback costs then there's no reason I suppose
there's to change T&Cs.

By the way, card issuers award staff £50 per card for every stolen or
cloned card which they retrieve. Where Thumbprintings used, stolen and
cloned cards have been left on counters!