Re: Forgotten Futures Site Problem

In message <1NMpDaIq$x4GFwUO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Marcus L. Rowland <forgottenfutures@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
In message <$DiLghDTLt4GFwUo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Marcus L. Rowland <forgottenfutures@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes, which hosts most of my Victorian and Edwardian material and game-related files, has been down for the last couple of days, cause unknown but believed to be a server problem since hosting fees and domain registration are up to date. Annoyingly it's hanging rather than giving an error message. Many of the files accessed from are actually housed on, so until this is fixed a lot of files are out of reach. I can only apologise profusely.

Looks like it's back on line. No explanation, which I find a little annoying.

OK, it looks like the explanation is that a spammer has somehow used my site to send emails, so many that the account was temporarily suspended. I have no idea how this happened, but hopefully the hosting company will be able to stop it.

I hope that nobody reading this has been affected, apologies if they have.
Marcus L. Rowland
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