Re: HP nx6110 (PT604ET) Laptop - Spares/Repair

I spoke to my HP dealer whom I buy servers from, and an even easier fix is
to take the keyboard/case and using some thick rubber/pastic to place it on
top of the Intel chip - with the pressure of the keyboard on the plastic,
forces the connection on the Intel chip to be made. You may get a slight
bulge on the keyboard, but heard few people have managed to get the laptop
working for a few years.

"David Baxter" <dlb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,

Up on eBay with just over 2.5 days to go is my HP nx6110 laptop, for
spares or repair. It's developed a fault common to this model where it
won't detect the hard drive and hangs after POST, refusing to boot from
hard drive or CD.

Anyone who can re-seat surface mount chips can fix this, according to many
threads on HP's support forums.


Intel Pentium-M 1.73GHz CPU
256Mb RAM
Onboard Broadcom Network Card
Onboard 56k Modem
Onboard Intel Graphics
Onboard Audio
Intel Internal Wireless Card (see screenshot below)
15.1" Screen (1024x768 resolution)
Battery and PSU (needs mains cable, standard IEC C5 plug)

Pictures and more information on the eBay auction:

I have 100% good feedback!

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