Re: WTB USB<>Serial or analogue modem - Vista

Palindrome wrote:
Dr Zoidberg wrote:
Palindrome wrote:

A local charity has been given a new Vista Laptop. Lucky them. They
need to give this laptop dialup access - but, no serial port,
naturally, and no-built-in analogue modem.

Wandering off topic , how did you come to end up doing IT work for
this charity?
Is it one that you were already involved with and drifted into it
that way , or did you just want to use your IT skills and found a
suitable recipient? It's the sort of thing I'd consider doing , but never
see "wanted
ads" for.

Here is a start:

Thanks , that looks like it's worth a read.

But the little sods talk to each other and pass your name
on..especially in a rural community.


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