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On 2007-07-14, norbu_tragri@xxxxxxxxx <norbu_tragri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
try reading this and see if it makes any sense about negativity and
trying to cause harm by magic....

Kuan Yin ...well...answered prayers are often difficult to see....

Thanks Norbu for answering this - not for me but for the original
poster. I was concerned, but not sure how to answer.

The article was good too and I think helped me, though perhaps in a
different way.

On 2007-07-12, asu49@xxxxxxxxxxx <asu49@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Does the goddess Kuan Yin answer all petitions and prayers? Does she
help cure health problems?
Is there a formal prayer I can pray to the goddess Kuan Yin? Does
anyone have any testimonials as to this goddess prayer granting
success at all????

It's not an area I know much about, and not an area I've experienced, so
I can't help with that specifically. I've met people of other religions
who claim to have had their prayers answered, and many who haven't. I've
generally wondered if things like prayer are more efficient in the
mental domain than the physical.

Are you doing anything else for the given health problem? Normal medical

I already chant Om Mani Padme Hum 108 times a day and I also chant
Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pu Sa 108 times a day also and request th ehelp I
need from her.

Am I missing something else......

Can I ask you what you understand by these mantra when you chant them?

- Richard

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