Re: Jesus and Buddha an evaluation

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Jesus and Buddha an evaluation

When we compare Jesus and Buddha, what we are really asking

is, who is the messenger of truth? Though both taught people how to
live moral lives, both Jesus and Buddha claimed to know the answers to
the questions most important to those alive on earth.

Ø Who am I?

Ø What happens after we die?

Ø Is there a heaven or hell?

Ø Is there something I can do, while I am alive, to determine

my destiny?

The teachings of Buddha and Jesus both address these questions for
humanity, but can they both cannot be right. The answers given by
Jesus and Buddha both have contradictory claims so they both cannot
teachers of ultimate truth. For example, Jesus taught He alone was the

But the texts of both religions also contradict themselves. So using
your logic, they are both wrong. Perhaps they are actually both right,
just neither is 100% accurate?

3+7=10 and 4+6=10, yet 3, 4, 6, and 7 are all different. If you try to
compare only parts of each religion to each other, as if they are
interchangeable, then of course you will get things wrong: 3+6=9 and