Re: Bahai Etiquette on the SRB

Kent Johnson wrote:
"Michael McKenny" <bn872@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

...since SRB is precensored, nothing could get
on anyway without being scrutinized, so why have a list of people who
aren't allowed on, censor posts, not individuals

Absolutely brilliant. If you want to moderate you can't post. If you want
to post you can't moderate.

Too bad there will never be an overhaul of the SRB. They have power and, as
is shown almost daily, their power forms them into an enclave or clique
which makes them protect each other even when they are wrong.

I don't think they really have power - after all, srb is just another
usenet newsgroup. They have the power in the same sense as,
say, the committee of the local bridge group or bowling club - any
committee, or set of people trying to run something suffers the
low-level temptations of power - which as you say, runs the
danger of forming the people who run the committee into a clique
whose first instinct is to protect each other from the incursions
of upstart outsiders.

Actually, I think this broadens out into the Baha'i world in general -
LSAs are like local clubs and societies, with the same dangers and
temptations of accepting everything Bill says, because you sit
with him on committee groups every month, while not giving
Joe a fair shout, because you don't know him so well and he's
not on the committee.

As to srb - I think many people have found the delays in messages
appearing, idiosyncratic moderating and lack of debate so annoying
that they have already voted with their feet - real discussion in
Baha'i cyberspace happens in other places than srb.


The Baha'i Faith is right to have elected official who cannot act without
concensus or voting to keep this sort of cliquish behavior in High School
student council where it belongs.

There is no peace without justice and no justice where groups like the SRB
hold censor power over those of us who would like to speak sensibly. The
brilliance of your suggestion is that you make them give up one power for
another. You make them balance.

It will never happen, but it is brilliant.



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