video: China Betrays Olympics' Spirit: Culture Genocide in Tibet (was Current video links)

Beijing Olympic violates human rights will be in the world record.
China supports Sudan government for the Darfur genocide, and Burma
government killing protesters and a Japanese Journalist. China has
sold weapons to the Sudanese,Burma,Iran government and defended them
in the U.N. In return, China get oil from them.
China was the closest ally of the communist Khmer Rouge, under whose
brutal rule up to two million Cambodians died of starvation, disease
or execution during the late 1970s.
Tibet's spiritual leader and Nobel prize winner the Dalai Lama says
that human rights abuses in China have gotten worse since the country
was chose to host the 2008 Olympics. Tibetans continue to suffer harsh
treatment by the Chinese government and are punished for having images
of the Dalai Lama in their possession.

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